101 Subscriber Special: The Writer


At the entrance of Plato’s Academy was written: “Let no one ignorant of mathematics (geometry) enter”1.

Since I first started this newsletter, I have received a lot of questions, feedback but one that was constant was: “Who is the writer behind this?”

To all I say: that is not important.

What is important: the ideas that I am putting out there. The person writing them is not important.

I believe that most sound economists have “mathematical” minds that think in forms and seek to find solutions to problems out there.

The economist is the one who, when stuck in a traffic jam (ازمة سير), would get out of the car and start redirecting the cars to help with the flow of automobiles.

The same concept applies to the economy (ازمة اقتصادية ). The point is to unblock and remove all hindrances to ensure a smooth flow of goods, money and services.

So I would love to receive feedback and constructive criticism from readers correcting the logic or the numbers.

The point of this is to start an honest conversation about the many financial and economic issues/challenges that Jordan is facing.

Thank you!

PS: you may also rest assured that no outside or inside party/faction is paying me to write.